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July 2017

Interview with Romantic Suspense Author Madelle Morgan

Romantic Suspense Author Madelle Morgan


What inspired you to write mystery books?

I love reading both romance and mysteries, especially mysteries with romantic relationships, so writing romantic suspense seemed like a natural fit. I’d actually completed three contemporary romances before my romantic suspense was published by a small press as Diamond Lust. I got the rights back and published it with a new cover and the title Diamond Hunter in 2015.

When you start a new mystery, do you plot it all out from the start (all the clues and red herrings) or does the story evolve as you write it?

Both. Before I start writing I outline the plot points/beats at a high level in a three act structure. I know “who done it” and the key turning points. I don’t do detailed character studies. I start typing and discover who the characters are and how they deal with the situations they find themselves in. That way I stay surprised and engaged. For example, while writing a dinner scene I discovered that the undercover cop hero, Seth Cooper, was an amateur artist. Who knew? That became integral to the storyline.

What’s the most interesting or unusual research you’ve done for a book you’re writing?

You could say I lived the research for Diamond Hunter. I “mined” my Canadian Arctic experiences as a young civil engineer with projects from Baffin Island to the Beaufort Sea. My home base, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, was the location of two operating gold mines in the 1980s. I hung out with mining engineers, toured those mines, and learned about hard rock mining.

In Yellowknife, the gold was paved with streets. Every weekday at four o’clock, sitting in our downtown office we’d feel the rumbling BOOM vibration from the blasting two miles underground at the end of the shift.

In the mid 1990s geologists discovered diamond deposits north and east of Yellowknife, and a billion dollar industry was born. Today the town is known as the “Diamond Capital of North America.”

I wove into Diamond Hunter facts about how diamonds are mined and processed. Most people don’t know that Canadian diamonds are very high quality, and thus high in value. I tried on the most exquisite emerald-cut $8,000 diamond at a Yellowknife store. So beautiful! Naturally mine security was and is a top priority. For the novel I had to “invent” the security features at the fictional Ptarmigan Mine because I certainly could not find that info on the internet.

The heroine of Diamond Hunter was inspired by Eira Thomas, the geologist who discovered the Diavik Mine deposit in 1994 when she was only 25. She became known as Canada’s Queen of Diamonds. She owned a dog with an expensive appetite:

It was in the half-unpacked mess that (Eira Thomas) lost a pair of earrings set with two-carat diamonds from the Diavik mine. She’s pretty sure her dog Melville ate them. (“He likes shiny things,” she says.) –

What are you working on now?

I started another romantic suspense, but then switched to a fun, entertainment-focused contemporary romance series called Hollywood in Muskoka. The series has an Upstairs-Downstairs trope. Members of the Hollywood film industry—actor, director, producer, screenwriter, entertainment lawyer and stunt double—fall for locals in upscale Muskoka, Canada’s version of the Hamptons.

Caught on Camera, Book 1, is a romantic comedy that was published in September 2016. When a bridesmaid fails to show for a Hollywood movie star’s wedding at a luxury resort, a chambermaid/aspiring Hollywood camera operator is asked to stand in and pretend to be the bride’s cousin. Rachel falls for Mickey, a groomsman and talent agent to the stars. But if Mickey learns Rachel’s secret, she’ll never work in Hollywood.

Seduced by the Screenwriter, Book 2, will be released in November, 2017.

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Diamond Hunter by Madelle Morgan

DIAMOND HUNTER is a free read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

When diamond smuggling leads to murder, diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend.

Colorado geologist Petra Paris must clear her father of fraud charges by collecting fresh rock samples at an open pit diamond mine in Canada’s far north. When someone tries to frame her with stolen uncut diamonds, Petra needs protection. Local pilot Seth Cooper, an undercover cop with the Diamond Protection Unit, needs access to the mine complex. They strike a deal to have Seth pose as her boyfriend so he can overnight on site to investigate the smuggling operation.

In their bedroom under the midnight sun, Petra fights magnetic desire to sample Seth’s rock-hard body. The prospect of intimacy hot enough to heat up the Arctic is a deadly distraction. She needs to focus on her mission. Besides, Seth is commitment-phobic: his job put his ex-wife in danger.

With cops closing in, escape blocked and millions in stolen diamonds at stake, desperate smugglers ramp up to murder. The isolated mine site becomes a death trap. Seth must expose the villains before Petra becomes the next victim.

"This romantic suspense novel is very well written and has it all – complex well-developed main characters with many interesting secondary characters, a good suspense plot with several threads that keeps you on the edge of your seat, fast-paced action scenes, and steamy romance. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a well-written tale of greed, betrayal, murder, lust and love S.R., Nov 2016



About the Author

Madelle Morgan is the Canadian author of two novels, Diamond Hunter, a romantic suspense, and Caught on Camera, Hollywood in Muskoka series, Book 1, a romantic comedy. Check them out at

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